To make MaadiX easier to use and for you to start using it immediately, we have included the option to provide hosting for your applications. This way the MaadiX installation process will be automatic and will not require any action by you.

However, you can decide to install MaadiX on servers that you can purchase from any hosting company or located in your own office or personal home. To do this, you do not need to contract the servers below listed, although it is necessary that your server meets some minimum characteristics. See this page for more information.

The following prices include the rental of the server and access to the automated installation of any of the available applications. They will be applicable until 1 April 2023, after which an increase of approximately 12% will be applied.

Espacio en disco

Memoria Ram


Precio mensual

Precio trimestral

Precio anual

  • Mini

    Storage40 GB

    RAM Memory2 GB

    Processor1 vCore

    Monthly price13.00 €

    Quarterly price38.10 €

    Annual price150.00 €

  • Medium

    Storage65 GB

    RAM Memory4 GB

    Processor1 vCore

    Monthly price15.50 €

    Quarterly price45.90 €

    Annual price181.20 €

  • Grand

    Storage120 GB

    RAM Memory6 GB

    Processor2 vCore

    Monthly price21.00 €

    Quarterly price62.4 €

    Annual price247.2 €

  • Maxi

    Storage160 GB

    RAM Memory8 GB

    Processor3 vCore

    Monthly price36.00 €

    Quarterly price107 €

    Annual price430 €