Why did we begin this project?

The people that integrate the MaadiX team have been working for several years on issues related to the privacy of communications, digital security and freedom of information.

At the beginning of 2016 we started this project with the aim of offering practical, effective and solid technological solutions,, able to guarantee these values to society as a whole, regardless of technical knowledge.

The technology developed by MaadiX is the result of a strategic bet that matches with the values that we defended until now, which have been traditionally unattended, as a whole, by big companies.


  • Foto de la Maddish
    Maddalena Falzoni aka Maddish


    A programmer and systems administrator, Maddalena has focused her career on developing and deploying open-source tools. She is a co-founding member (since 2008) of Xnet Xnet, an activist project working in various fields related to digital rights and democracy, freedom of expression, net neutrality and privacy.

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    Systems and network administration and web design

    Multidisciplinary cooperative responsible for the design and implementation of advanced networking and telepresence systems for both public and institutional projects, as well as for independent initiatives (such as GISS) through the use of open technologies.