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Disk Space

Ram Memory


Monthly price

Quarterly price

Yearly price

  • Mini

    Storage40 GB

    RAM Memory2 GB

    Processor1 vCore

    Monthly price13.00 €

    Quarterly price38.10 €

    Annual price150.00 €

  • Medium

    Storage65 GB

    RAM Memory4 GB

    Processor1 vCore

    Monthly price15.50 €

    Quarterly price45.90 €

    Annual price181.20 €

  • Grand

    Storage120 GB

    RAM Memory6 GB

    Processor2 vCore

    Monthly price21.00 €

    Quarterly price62.4 €

    Annual price247.2 €

  • Maxi

    Storage160 GB

    RAM Memory8 GB

    Processor3 vCore

    Monthly price36.00 €

    Quarterly price107 €

    Annual price430 €