26 Jun 2024

Release 202403 - SnappyMail

Migration from Rainloop to SnappyMail while preserving sqlite address book and domains

17 Apr 2024

Debian 11 (Bullseye) and Moodle

Operating system upgarde to Debian 11 (Bullseye) and automated Moodle install

30 Oct 2023

Release 202302

Automated update for Nextcloud, PhpMyadmin, RocketChat, Mailman, Etherpad , Only Office, LimeSurvey

29 Mar 2023

Release 202301

Release 202301: Backup with BORG, PhP version 8.1, Deletion of disabled applications

03 Oct 2022

Mumble and new domain options

Automated installation of Mumble: VoiP application for crowded meetings
04 Jul 2022

Automatic installation of Wordpress

Automated Wordpress installation in three minutes with one-click and security settings
17 Mar 2022

Release 202201 - Odoo and encrypted emails

You can now install Odoo with one click and activate encryption for emails sent from the server.
04 Nov 2021

MaadiX Release 202103

Application updates and system security improvements for rootkits and malware detection
23 Sep 2021

Guide to choose your server

Small guide to calculate which server size is best suited to the applications I need to install
24 Aug 2021

Protect your server with two-factor authentication - 2FA

You can now enable two-factor authentication for the Control Panel and install new applications at the click of a button: LimeSurvey and Dolibarr
17 Jun 2021

202101 MaadiX version

Version 2021: new functionalities focused on strengthening security and optimizing server resources
12 Apr 2021

Operating system upgrade to Debian 10

New MaadiX release with automated upgrade from Debian 9 (Stretch) to Debian 10 (Buster)
29 Sep 2020

Nuevas funcionalidades de seguridad

Details about the new version of MaadiX: changes and improvements focused on strengthening the security of services (SSH, TLS, VPN)
25 Jun 2020

Big Blue Button: privacy, security and optimizations

How to improve audio quality, security and privacy in Big Blue Button
08 Apr 2020

How to optimize video conferencing with Jitsi Meet

Tips for optimizing video conferencing with Jitsi Meet by enabling more participants and a better experience and quality
02 Apr 2020

Install Jitsi Meet on MaadiX with one click

Automated installation of Jitsi Meet with configuration to maintain control over who can open new rooms and avoid overloading your server
02 May 2019

New control panel with English translation

New control panel available in English, with new functionalities and new design
17 Oct 2018

Only Office vs Collabora Online

OnlyOffice available in MaadiX with one click install. Comparison with Collabora Online

17 Sep 2018

ContentID intentional flaws. Our rights as background noise

Why do content filters have false positives? They are not errors, but exceptions included by default and intentionally in their design.
26 Mar 2018

Article 13 can destroy my StartUp

Article 13 of the European Copyright Directive, constitutes a serious threat to freedom of expression and the right to privacy, as well as it underm…
05 Mar 2018

Nextcloud available to be installed in one click

Install Nextcloud at the click of a button. Check Features and useful Apps
21 Feb 2018

Rocket.Chat available to be installed in one click

RocketChat disponible en MaadiX para ser instalada en un clic. Aplicación open source para salas de chat. Alternativa a Slack y Telegram
13 Nov 2017

MaadiX: Your cloud in your hands

The solution to preserve your autonomy in the digital environment, protecting your privacy and security.

20 Oct 2017

Other tools

List of applications compatible with MaadiX. Synchronize your data and keep an updated copy on different devices.


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