A new version of MaadiX is now available that includes improvements, updates and new features.

Among the main new features, the increase of options to work with SSH connections and other configurations focused on increasing security.


Maadix security settings



From now on, you can add SSH keys to users' accounts and connect to the server using them, disable password access, and even change the port for SSH connections.
All this configuration can be done easily from the control panel. In the new "Security" section of the control panel you will be able to configure the security of SSH connections and also choose which TLS versions you want your server to support, so that it only supports the most recent and secure ones. You can read more about the details of this configuration here.

The option to delete accounts and domains from the Control Panel has also been added, which will be parked in the trash. Here you can see the list of accounts and domains deleted, along with their directories and proceed to their final deletion. You can read more details about this functionality here.

In addition, we have removed the option to assign the Superuser account as webmaster to avoid security breaches. The intention of this change is to avoid the use of this account, which has maximum privileges, for ordinary administration tasks that do not require such high permissions.

The configuration of the OpenVPN server has been changed by increasing the length of the RSA key of the certificate. This means that if you have updated your server and already had VPN accounts, you will have to reload your client configuration, as the certificates have been regenerated and the previous one is no longer valid.
To do this, you will have to resend the instructions with the configuration files to all the accounts you have created, so that they can be reloaded.


Detailed list of changes

New features

Option to create accounts with SSH access.
Option to use SSH keys for authentication.
Trash folder for domains and accounts.
Disable SSH access with password (only with key).
Change SSH port
Limit supported TLS versions.
Automatically run UnattendedUpgrades  cron once a week (including kernel updates)



Php version 7.2
NextCloud version 18.0.4
New versions of the official operating system packages

Other changes

Change of certificate for OpenVPN clients.
It is no longer possible to assign Superuser as webmaster



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