In this new version of MaadiX we have added the Odoo application, similar to Dolibarr which was previously published. We have also added features that allow easier management of access to the server.


New features and applications available:

  • Odoo: From this version you can install the Odoo application from the control panel. It is an ERP and CRM application that allows the management of contacts, invoices, inventory, orders, payments, etc. Suitable for e-commerce, accounting, point of sale, project management, etc. Free extensions and paid solutions are available to extend the functionalities.
  • Unblocking access to the server: MaadiX includes by default Fail2ban, a software that allows mitigating brute force attacks (attacks that consist of trying thousands of connection attempts to try to find a valid user/password combination).
    It works as follows: when there are a certain number of unsuccessful attempts to access the server, fail2ban blocks the IP address from which access is attempted. It can happen that a person repeatedly fails to enter the password trying to access a service and fail2ban blocks it. The blocking time is 12h, except for the control panel which will only be 1h.
    If a single person in an office makes a mistake or has a misconfigured mail client (Outlook/thunderbird, which periodically tries to authenticate to the mail server), this can affect all the other people in the same office, as they use the same public Ip.
    From this release you can unban Ips from the control panel, so that you can grant access again without waiting for the block time to expire.

    More information can be found in this tutorial:
  • Encrypted mail with Zeyple: We have added the Zeyple application, which can be installed from the control panel and which allows you to encrypt mail sent from the server.
    In case the system has the PGP public key of an email account, Zeyple automatically adds encryption for messages sent to this account.
    Public keys can be added from the Control Panel once Zeyple is installed.
    The mails that will be encrypted are:
    Password recovery for the Control Panel.
    Sending instructions for configuring the VPN client.
    System logs: e-mails that the system sends periodically and that include information about the status of the system.

    You can find more information on this page:
  • Spam Assassin: We have improved the configuration of Spam Assassin and fixed the way in which the blacklist is queried, which since February started giving false positives.


RocketChat upgraded to version 4.5.0


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