You can now upgrade to the new version of MaadiX, which includes new features, the update of several applications and a new anti-malware tool: rkhunter.
detección de rootkit


New system monitoring tools
In this version, several packages have been added to reinforce system security. Among them we highlight Rkhunter, an anti-malware tool that checks the system status by comparing files, permissions and other properties to detect the presence of possible rootkits, backdoors or other malware. From this new version onwards, it will be automatically activated on your server to strengthen the security of your system. This way, if Rkhunter detects any change in the system it will send an alert by email. 
In the Control Panel we have enabled a "Reset" button to approve legitimate changes to the system and mute Rkhunter alerts. For example, it may happen that when installing an application Rkhunter detects changes made during installation as abnormal. In these cases you can use this button, to confirm that the changes marked as suspicious are indeed legitimate.
You can find more information about Rkhunter on this page:
 The following packages have also been added: 
- sysstat: tool with different functionalities to show the status of system resources (CPU, RAM, disk space, active processes, network usage, etc).
- debsums: tool to check the integrity of installed packages by verifying their MD5 checksums.
- acct: tool to report user activity on the system (connection time, executed commands, etc).
Check your server logs in your email
Until now you could choose to have your server logs sent to the email address associated to the Control Panel administration account or to the MaadiX technical team. Now you will be able to select the option to send them to both and even set up a specific email account to receive the logs, thus facilitating their review and system monitoring. 
The requirements of each application
In this new version you will find an approximate description of the resources that each application needs to be installed. These values will indicate how much RAM and how much disk space you need to have free (at least) on your server to install a given application. If it is detected that you are trying to install one or more applications that exceed the available system resources, you will be informed by a warning in the Control Panel and the installation will be prevented to avoid overloading the system
Note: the values indicated for each application are approximate and refer to applications installed but not in use. It is always advisable to have a margin of 500 MB of free RAM memory for a satisfactory system performance. 
You can consult more information in this post ( ) about the applications that you can install according to the available resources in your server. 
New application versions
The following updates are included in this new version:    
    Rainloop 1.16.0 
    Nextcloud 22.2.0 
    Rocketchat 4.0.1 
    Mongodb 4.2.17 
    Discourse 2.8.0.beta6
    Owncloud 10.8.0


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