The solution to preserve your autonomy in the digital environment, protecting your privacy and security.

Today we are launching MaadiX, the tool that will allow you to preserve your autonomy in the digital environment, protecting your privacy and security.


MaadiX, tu nube en tus manos


The team behind the project is a strong advocate of models that put technology at the service of users and not the other way around. The confidentiality of information and the privacy of our data should not be a luxury, but a right that should be guaranteed to society as a whole.

Every time we use "free" services provided by large companies, we are handing over extremely valuable information to them.

In order to access these services, we must subscribe to terms of use, which force us to accept practices that undermine our privacy. We lose control over our data, which are caged in closed platforms controlled by companies whose business is based, in most cases, on the commercialization of our personal information.

MaadiX is an initiative that reverses this imbalance in favor of users, giving them back control over their applications and communications, as well as their personal and professional data.

MaadiX offers a hosting and maintenance service to meet the community's need for immediate online services, without the need for advanced technical knowledge, large investments and, above all, without becoming the 'product'.

From an extremely simple management panel, applications such as mail server, web server, storage, file synchronization and sharing, VPN server for encrypted and private browsing, real-time collaborative work and organization tools, calendar and contact synchronization, among other open source tools, can be activated in at the click of abutton. MaadiX can be installed on servers purchased from any provider or even in offices or personal homes.

MaadiX makes available to the community a competitive tool that allows users to have solid technological solutions in the personal, professional, educational and institutional environment, immediately.


Please contact us by writing an email to: contact [at] maadix [dot] net

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