The most important thing to keep in mind before upgrading your server to this release is that it will no longer be possible to use Php version 7.4 and will default to version 8.1.

This is due to the fact that 7.4 has reached the end of its life cycle and no longer offers security updates. Unfortunately Owncloud only supports Php version 7.4 which makes it incompatible with the system and with other applications that no longer support older versions.

If you upgrade your server to this release of MaadiX, in case Owncloud is installed, it will be automatically disabled.
A solution to this problem would be to migrate your data from Owncloud to Nextcloud before upgrading.


We have added the option to edit the threshold for the SpamAssassin Score. This will allow you to apply more or less restrictive policies on the emails you receive, in order to improve spam detection.
You can check this page for more details

This release mainly updates the available applications, with the exception of Mailtrain.
Due to the huge difference in structure between the two versions, instead of offering the upgrade we have added the option to install its next version (Mailtrain 2) including the possibility to import data from the previous version.

You can read more about the import process in this guide.



  • Php 8.1
  • Limesurvey 6.1.1+230530
  • Nextcloud 26.0.0
  • Mongo 4.4.22
  • Rocketchat 6.2.5
  • Onlyoffice 7.3
  • Mailman 3.3.8
  • Rainloop 1.17.0
  • Etherpad 1.9.1
  • PhpMyAdmin 5.2

New apps:

  • Mailtrain 2


Please contact us by writing an email to: contact [at] maadix [dot] net

PGP Key: 0xE5BB2110.asc

Fingerprint: EF80 C4FB CC27 7A3E 8D0B 0DD9 B48B 2A9B E5BB 2110