We have added a new application to the list of those available in MaadiX: Rocket.Chat.


RockeChat automatic installation


This is an instant messaging application that allows you to create chat rooms. It is an Open Source alternative to applications like Slack, yand can replace applications like Telegram or WhatsApp, thanks to the mobile clients for Android and iOS. In addition, it does not require having the phone number of the person you want to invite.

It incorporates extremely useful functionalities, such as videoconferences, mentions, direct messages, favorite messages, highlighted messages and file sharing, besides being able to use the application from the browser itself, without having to install any client on our computers. It is also possible to create public channels (accessible by anyone) or private groups

Rocket.Chat allows you to host your conversations on your own server, as well as offering you the possibility of being integrated with other platforms, such as Telegram channels, Trello notifications  and GitHub alerts or GitLab , among many others.

You can, for example, synchronize your Rocket Chat channels with a Telegram group, so that conversations are published and received simultaneously in both chats.

Another advantage of Rocket.Chat is that you can customize the look and feel of the interface to modify the welcome page, logo, styles, or enter your own terms and conditions.

Rocket.Chat is an ongoing project with a very active community. Updates are published frequently and from MaadiX we will follow the project closely and will publish automatic updates of the installations as they are released.

You can download the Mobile Apps here:


RocketChat +

RocketChat React


RocketChat +


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