From release 202203 you will be able to install the VoIP application  Mumble in an automated way from the control panel.




Mumble disponible para instalación automatizada


Mumble is a very useful application for online meetings. It is not a video conferencing application as it only offers audio and text options, but due to its great sound quality and low latency it is a very suitable tool for large meetings.

It includes moderation and speaking features.

You can check here instructions for installation and use.

We have also added the option to customize the root folder of the domains when adding them to the server.

You will be able to add one or more subfolders to establish which is the root directory of the web site, that is to say the base folder of public access of a web site. In it you will have to place the index file (index.php, index.html, default.html, etc).
This can be very useful for applications that need to separate the root folder from other files.


  •     Rocketchat  5.1.2
  •     MOngoDB 4.4.16
  •     Nextcloud 24.0.6


Please contact us by writing an email to: contact [at] maadix [dot] net

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