Applications and functionalities available when using MaadiX

MaadiX allows you to install in one click any of the applications listed below. The email server is activated by default, as it is required for you to receive notifications sent by the system.

  • Storing files and synchronisation: you can store, share and synchronise files between multiple users and devices, create addresses for direct download, accessible from any browser, through public links or password protected. You will be able to synchronise your computer or mobile device to keep an updated copy of your documents, photos, contacts and calendars.
    Software: Nextcloud
  • E-mail and Webmail: having your own mail server will allow you to create unlimited mail accounts for all the domains or subdomains you want, without having to share this service with other organizations, and with your own IP address. You can check your mailbox using any mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook...) or from a browser. Here you can try out a demo of the webmail interface Rainloop
    Software: Postfix + Dovecot + Opendkim + SpamAssain/ Rainloop
  • Edit texts collaboratively in real time: you will be able to edit documents in real time, keeping the complete history of the modifications made. You have three options for this: (1 and 2) Collabora Online or OnlyOffice: allow private and public edition of rich text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. IThey are an alternative to Google Docs. (2) Etherpad: Includes a chat window and allows you to create public or private documents thanks to an extension developed by MaadiX. You can try a demo here.
    Software: Collabora Online + Collabora || OnlyOffice + Nextcloud || Etherpad-Lite + ep_maadix
  • Mailing lists and Newsletters: you will be able to create and administer public or private e-mail lists, as well as manage the sending of bulletins and newsletters. This application is indispensable if you need to make bulk e-mail deliveries or create discussion groups.
    Software: Mailman 3 || Mailtrain
  • Wordpress + Web Server: you can install automatically multiple Wordpress and/or host unlimited web applications for as many domains or subdomains you want. Configuration of domains for the web server is automatic, and it enables you to grant permissions for other people to collaborate with your team, without needing to give them access to all the system's resources.
    Software: Wordpress / Apache / MySQL / Node.js / MongoDb
  • Chats and forums: chat rooms, videoconferencing, discussion forums, decision making processes. Two applications are available that offer organizational and team communication capabilities. Both have web and mobile versions.
    Software: Discourse || Rocket.Chat || Jitsi Meet || Mumble
  • Storage of contacts and synchronisation: you can import all your contacts to your cloud (from a mobile device, Gmail, or any .csv file) and keep an updated copy of your personal or shared addressbook, which you can export to any device whenever you want.
    Software: Nextcloud Contacts
  • Online calendar: this is a Nextcloud extension, enabling you to create multiple calendars, which can be consulted from different devices or even shared with collaborators.
    Software: Nextcloud Calendar app
  • Automatic and free activation of the HTTPS protocol for all your domains: for each domain or sub domain configured in the server, the HTTPS protocol will be activated by default, without you having to worry about its configuration. Encrypting connections to your web applications is indispensable to guarantee security and generate confidence, as well as improving your positioning in search engines such as Google.
    Software: Let's Encrypt.
  • Secure, private and encrypted browsing: routing all your traffic through a VPN will guarantee the highest level of security and confidentiality. MaadiX enables you to connect to your own server or visit any site privately, creating secure and direct connections. In addition, this encrypted connection will guarantee privacy even if you are using public or open Wi-Fi networks, as well as allowing you to access sites that are blocked in the country from which you are connecting.
    Software: OpenVpn.
  • Web interface for MySQL database administration: you will be able to create, delete and edit databases, execute any SQL sentence, create users and administer their privileges, as well as export or import databases, using a graphic interface. To provide greater security, access to this interface is protected with a double password.
    Software: PhpMyAdmin
  • Forms and surveys: you will be able to create surveys and forms with different levels of complexity using a graphical interface that will allow you to design a multiplicity of question types, branching from conditions, templates and customized design. In addition, you will have basic statistical analysis utilities for processing the results obtained. If you are curious, you can try a demo of LimeSurvey.
    Software: LimeSurvey.
  • Planning and management system : you will have a system that offers the functionalities of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System). It will facilitate the management of contacts, invoices, inventory, orders, payments, etc. through modules that can be activated according to the needs of each project. If you wish, you can try a Dolibarr demo.
    Software: Dolibarr.

In addition to the applications that can be activated on the server, you can also check the list of applications compatible with MaadiX that you can install on your computer or mobile device, and which allow you to synchronise and access your data (files, contacts, calendars, etc.), as well as allowing you to store an updated copy on your device . You will also find some additional security recommendations.


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