MaadiX is an easy and intuitive tool for managing your own server without the need for any technical know-how

What is MaadiX?

MaadiX lets you activate open-source applications on your own server at the click of a button. You can also manage them through a graphical interface without the need for any know-how or major investment.

Applications offered by MaadiX


Works with...

As an alternative to...

ServiceStorage and synchronisation of files

Works with...Nextcloud / WebDAV file server

As an alternative to...Dropbox / Google Drive/ Microsoft OneDrive /ICloud

ServiceWeb content manager

Works with...Wordpress

As an alternative to...Blogspot / Wix

ServiceLearning Management System (LMS)

Works with...Moodle

As an alternative to...Google Classroom

ServiceE-mail and webmail

Works with...Rainloop / Postfix / Dovecot

As an alternative to...Gmail / Apple Mail / Outlook

ServiceOnline collaborative text edition

Works with..Collabora Online / OnlyOffice

As an alternative to...Google docs

ServiceMailing lists and newsletters

Works with...Mailman 3

As an alternative to...Google Groups / MailChimp


Works with...Mailtrain

As an alternative to...Mailchimp

ServiceForo / Decision making

Works with..Discourse

As an alternative to...Slack / Trello / Loomio


Works with...Jitsi meet

As an alternative to...Skype / Hangouts

ServiceVoice and text chat

Works with...Mumble

As an alternative to...TeamSpeak / Discord


Works with...LimeSurvey

As an alternative to...Google Forms

ServicePlanning and management system (CRM & ERP)

Works with...Dolibarr

As an alternative to...Salesforce / SAP

ServiceChat groups and videoconferences

Works with...Rocket.Chat

As an alternative to...Slack / Telegram

ServiceWeb hosting

Works with...Apache / Mysql

As an alternative to...Shared hosting

ServiceReal time collaboartive text edition

Works with...Etherpad-Lite

As an alternative to...Google docs

ServiceOnline calendar

Works with...Nextcloud / CalDAV

As an alternative to...Google Calendar / Apple Calendar / Office Online Calendar

ServiceStorage and synchronisation of contacts

Works with...Nextcloud / CardDAV

Alternativas aGoogle Contacts / Apple Contacts

ServiceAutomatic activation of https protocol for all your domains

Works with...Let's Encrypt

As an alternative to...Certification authorities

ServiceSecure, private, encrypted browsing

Works with...OpenVpn / LDAP

As an alternative to...Hotspot Shield / Bitmask

Will you add new applications in the future?

The list of applications available on MaadiX is growing in response to the needs of our community

Applications that will soon be available on MaadiX:


Works with...

As an alternative to...

ServicioDistributed social network

Funciona conMastodon

Alternativas aTwitter

ServicioVideos sharing & live streaming

Funciona conPeerTube

Es una alternativa aYoutube

ServicioCollaborative editing

Funciona conCryptpad

Es una alternativa aEtherpad / Google Docs

ServicioWeb Service

Funciona conTor Hidden Service (.onion)

Es una alternativa aindecision

ServiceTraffic statistics

Works with...Piwik

Alternativas aGoogle Analytics

The application I need isn’t on your list!

Once you sign up to MaadiX, you’ll have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) i.e. your own server that you’ll have full access to. You can install any applications you want and of course you can handle it all yourself, with whichever systems administrator you prefer, or you can have us handle it.

If you need any additional service before we deploy it, or customised configuration, you can contact us here

Why should I pay for something certain companies offer for free?

There’s a general principle on the Internet (which is also just common sense) that states that if something is free, then you are the product.

Every time you use their services, you’re handing over valuable information, both about yourself and your contacts (family, friends, customers, etc.) in exchange for a series of tools that you will never have full control over.

People are increasingly aware of this, and in recent years the trend has changed. More and more players in the industry have realised the value in people retaining ownership and custody of their data, as well as appreciating the legal security you enjoy when you avoid using platforms that profit from the marketing of your personal data.

I’m interested in MaadiX, but my organisation can’t afford it

One of the main motivations that led to the creation of MaadiX was to provide a secure working platform for organisations committed to the defence of our rights and freedoms, whatever their budget.
We believe that confidentiality of information should not be a luxury, but a right that we need to extend to society as a whole.

This is our small contribution to this noble cause: if you’re part of a non-profit organisation with a clear social mission, please don’t hesitate to write to us to see if we can offer you terms that come as close as possible to meeting your possibilities.

Do I need my own domain to use MaadiX?

Yes, most applications have to be installed on their own domain/subdomain in order to work.

The only applications you could install without a domain are OpenVpn, Rainloop and PhpMyAdmin.

How can I migrate my applications from another provider?

MaadiX offers a technical service, available for any questions that may arise during the migration process, along with the on-line tutorials that you can check at anytime.

In case you would like us to carry out the process, you can contact our team, so that we can offer you a budget in accordance with the amount of work required for the migration.

Keep in mind that you will have to provide us the access credentials of the old server, or a complete copy of the applications that you want to migrate (files, databases...), as well as the login credentials of your MaadiX server, in order to let us carry out the migration. When the process is over, you will proceed to change them to a new value.

Where are the servers that MaadiX offers?

Our servers are located in data centers of external companies, professionals in the sector and that we hire in order to provide the service. To offer more guarantees with respect to compliance with Ley Orgánica 15/99 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal and European Union privacy laws, we only work with data centers located in Europe. Currently, our servers are located in data centers of Germany and France.

If you would like to enjoy MaadiX in a server of a specific country (which is not among the ones we offer), you can always hire a hosting service which had a data center there and install MaadiX anyways.

What makes MaadiX different?

MaadiX allows any person to enjoy independently and immediately those applications and services that in many cases we request to other suppliers, either because of their complexity or because of the need to dispose of them quickly.

MaadiX includes an intuitive control panel that allows you to enable applications in your server in a single click, even those which don’t have a graphical user interface yet (VPN, Postfix, SSH, Apache, Let’s Encrypt…). Our control panel simplifies and speeds all these processes, giving the possibility to manage your server optimally.

MaadiX provides regular security updates that keep your system safe from the latest threats. We have simplified the whole process to allow these updates in a single click, from the control panel.

MaadiX also can be enabled on servers hired with another service provider or located in your own home or office.

Does MaadiX have access to my data?

No. MaadiX does not have access to the servers it provides, nor does it know 'secret' data such as personal passwords or passwords for installed services. This sensitive information is generated locally on the servers and is not transmitted at any time to the outside.

In this way, we have managed to avoid centralizing sensitive information on our servers, increasing not only the privacy but also the security of the system. You can consult more details about the operation, in this page.


Please contact us by writing an email to: contact [at] maadix [dot] net

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