To make MaadiX easier to use and for you to start using it immediately, we have included the option to provide hosting for your applications. This way the MaadiX installation process will be automatic and will not require any action by you.

The following prices include the rental of the server and access to the automated installation of any of the available applications. Prices do not include VAT.


Disk space 40 gB
RAM Memory 2 gB
Processor 1 vCore
Monthly price 14.50 €
Backup (Optional) 5.00 €


Disk space 65 gB
RAM Memory 4 gB
Processor 1 vCore
Monthly price 17.40 €
Backup (Optional) 8.00 €


Disk space 120 gB
RAM Memory 6 gB
Processor 2 vCore
Monthly price 23.50 €
Backup (Optional) 10.00 €


Disk space 160 gB
RAM Memory 8 gB
Processor 3 vCore
Monthly price 40.30 €
Backup (Optional) 12.00 €


Please contact us by writing an email to: contact [at] maadix [dot] net

PGP Key: 0xE5BB2110.asc

Fingerprint: EF80 C4FB CC27 7A3E 8D0B 0DD9 B48B 2A9B E5BB 2110