Your Cloud in your hands

The online tools we use everyday, now preserving your digital autonomy, the privacy of your communications and the security of your data

» All the applications you need on your own server, under your control and easy to use, installable with a single click through our graphical control panel «
Storage and synchronisation

Store, share and sync your files, calendars and contacts across all your devices with Nextcloud

E-mail, mailing lists, newsletters

Enjoy your own dedicated server for unlimited e-mail accounts with Postfix and Dovecot. Create mailing lists and newsletters with Mailman

Secure, private browsing

HTTPS is enabled by default for all your domains with Let’s Encrypt. Enjoy secure, private browsing with OpenVPN

Collaborative tools

Collaborate on documents and edit them in real time with your selected team or make them available publicly with LibreOffice Online or Etherpad-lite

All this and so much more!

Keep your systems up-to-date and enable applications through a simple, intuitive Control Panel

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» Protect your data, never again give it to third parties or large companies «
Fast, easy and economical

Our automated system lets you have several services ready to use within a few minutes, in your own server


Storing your documents, files and communications in your own cloud means you no longer have to give away personal data to third parties or accept their privacy policies


Total control over access and permissions. Encryption is the standard, not the exception. Our automated installation processes eliminate any risks linked to human error

Open Source

Total access to your server’s code means you have full control over the applications, taking away the need to trust in third parties


You can change the size and resources used by your server and adapt it to the needs of your business or organisation, without manually repeating the configuration process

How it works


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