Your cloud in your hands

Configure and install all the apps you need in one click on your own server. Easy to use, secure and open source

Protect your privacy. Never disclose data to third parties or corporations again.


File stotage and synchronization accessible on all your devices, calendars, contacts...

File stotage and synchronization


Direct, secure, encrypted connection to your server and to any URL for unlimited accounts

VPN Server

Let's Encrypt

Enabling "https://" secure protocol to all your websites and application

Let's encrypt

Etherpad-lite + Private Groups & Pads extension

Edit documents on-line in real time. Create private working gorups

VPN Server


Unlimited mailing lists and newsletter


And much more

Keep your system up to date and install more applications through an intuitive and easy to use control panel

Control Panel

MaadiX: a committment to free software, privacy, security and digital sovereignty

  • Fast, easy and cheap

    Automating tasks saves you time and resources in configuring your server and installing applications.

  • Privaciy

    Hosting files, documents and communications in an own cloud prevents the delivery of personal data to third parties and acceptance of their privacy policies.

  • Security

    Total control over access and permissions. Encryption as standard, not as an exception. Automation that removes the risk associated with human error.

  • Open source

    MaadiX is 100% Open Source Software. Full and transparent access to all the code on your server allows you not to have to place your trust in third parties.

  • Escalabilidad

    You can change the size and resources of your server to adapt it to the changing circumstances of your company or organization without having to manually repeat any installation or configuration.

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  • "The web is already decentralized. The problem is the dominance of one search engine, one big social network, one Twitter for microblogging. We don’t have a technology problem, we have a social problem."
    Tim Berners-Lee
  • "Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say."
    Edward Snowden